Now Is the Best Time to Buy Virie Coins!

Now more than ever is the best time to buy Virie coins while its price is still low. Hold it and wait for it to mine on its own through the most user-friendly platform of Virie Market. Soon enough, its price will blow up, and that’s when you sell it. Those who are into cryptocurrency investment will immediately understand this logic. But those who are new to it, this article will give you a better understanding of how it works through a comparison with bitcoin, the digital currency invented by the inspiration behind Virie Market, Satoshi Nakamoto. After all, it has been created for the masses and not just the geeks. So, if you’re thinking about what’s the best investment in this digital age, read on.

When bitcoin was invented in 2009, it did not have any value at all. In March 2010, a user called SmokeTooMuch auctioned 10,000 BTC for only $50, but no one bought it. The first real value of bitcoin was $0.003 in 2010 and ended the year at $0.08. In 2011, it has risen from $1.00 per bitcoin up to $31.00. In 2012, it was $13.00. By 2013, it was already playing between $100 to $1,242 with see-sawing value daily. It had varying prices since then, averaging mostly at $1,242, and in May 2017, it reached a new high at $2000 per bitcoin, and within less than a month, it has seen an all-time high of $3000. It was that year that bitcoin’s price blew up to five figures that it even reached $18,000 in December of 2017 and has not stopped since then. As of the time of writing, it is $7,196.

There is every reason to believe that Virie coins will see the same trend in the years to come. As it follows the principle of supply and demand, the more people get to know more about it, the more the demand will be so, the possibility of its price rising as the bitcoin did is not far from happening. In this view, now is indeed the best time to buy Virie coins at only $3.00 to $3.50 per coin. The good thing about it is that there is no possibility that Virie Market will shut down at all. The fact that the project team has used their own financing in completing a business product that is now up and running is a reason enough for them to keep it going. It’s the first of its kind where crowdfunding will only happen after the project is already completed. Most crowdfunding took place so that those companies could collect funds to complete the project, and for those that failed, the investors never got their money back anymore. This will not happen to Virie. So, if you’re thinking about what’s the best investment, it is Virie. Watch out when they launch its crowdfunding. Meantime, the source code is open for all. Check it for yourself here.


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