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What are the applications of artificial intelligence?

Currently, AI is being applied across several industries. Though one cannot say that AI is replacing humans but it is certainly making the work of human beings more efficient. Here are 5 very interesting application of Artificial Intelligence in the real world.

1. Cybersecurity:

Abrupt change in cybersecurity get detected by AI. At a moderately growing stage, however, it can’t address all issues adequately. However, data protection is handled quite competently. Artificial intelligence allows an organization to detect vulnerabilities and malicious user behavior in the Financial system or ERP business applications.

2. Manufacturing Industry:

Artificial intelligence helps manufacturing industry predict failures or build a benchmark batch across the production line and also provide actionable awareness that can help businesses reduce non-productive downtime.

3. E-commerce:

Artificial intelligence improves sales with accurate product recommendation suggestions to the user based on their behavior and big data analysis.

4. Human resources Management: Artificial intelligence helping to automate a large part of recruiting spend by business such as time and resources.

5. Logistics:

Consumers expect less delivery time from retailers and retailers expect very less time from manufacturers and distribution centers. Robotic picking system and conveyor system used to function the supply chain according to the clock which is no longer used as a customer expect delivery 365*24*7. Artificial intelligence helping the stakeholder to monitor supply chain stock from damage, delay, fraud and more.

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