Biteris Expands Workforce to Venezuela and Ukraine

Business conglomerate Biteris Global has expanded it’s workforce into the lands of Ukraine and Venezuela. Working specifically to increase volume and guarantee the successful implementation of Biteris Tokens, which will soon be available on platforms across the board.

TronWallet, Waves Wallet, Atomic Wallet and others are on board to introduce the tokens to clients everywhere. Indacoin and Changelly are working to code in Biteris as a staple in the currency exchange for 2020.

Biteris Token holders can instantly exchange their tokens for Bitcoin or other forms of crypto using the Waves Platform. Biteris is hosting an Airdrop on it’s Telegram Channel @Biteris . There you can receive FREE Tokens to trade or sell. No Matter what type of currency you are familiar with, Biteris can do business with you. The beauty of the crypto business is that anyone can be a part of it.

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