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Biteris Introduces BTSC – Stable Token Backed By Business.

Battling regulatory measures is nothing new to many start-up companies who use crytocurrency as a way to raise funding for new projects. Biteris Coin (BTSC), which is actually an ERC20 Token on the Waves platform, serves as a stable investment token and trading tool, backed by the investments and business dealings of Biteris Global, a privately held organization based in Montenegro.

Biteris has been widely known for business development, especially in progressing countries. BTSC will act as a currency set to compensate contractors and subcontractors around the world who work specifically with Biteris outside of the United States.

Waves Wallet currently provides transaction services as well as ledger info for every transfer that takes place on the Ethereum Network.

For more information please visit Biteris online or the Waves Platform website.

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