Infographic: Should my business go to The Cloud?

“If you look back over the history of computing, it started as mainframes or terminals. As PCs or workstations became prevalent, computing moved to the edge, and we had applications that took advantage of edge computing and the CPU and processing power at the edge. Cloud computing brought things back to the center.”

– Peter Levine, venture capital investor

These days, many business owners tend to doubt themselves when it comes to investing in technologies that they barely know. While integrating something new and unknown to your business might come with several risks, educating yourself about such an undertaking could prove to be beneficial indeed. Take for example the way you store your important business data such as emails, presentations, customer databases, media files, spreadsheets, etc. While we used to keep them on our local PCs or other private servers, we finally reached an era where data storage is more advanced with the integration of several features brought by the emergence of “The Cloud.”

For those of aspiring entrepreneurs who never encountered this term in the world of business before, the Cloud refers to the practice of using a set of remote servers hosted on the internet. These can be done for the purpose of managing, processing, and storing data as opposed to a local server or a personal computer.

You can also think of the Cloud as a network of computers that enables businesses and individuals to securely store their data and documents online. In fact, there is a good chance that you’re using it right now. Online storing services such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox are all examples of Cloud-based applications highly accessible to the public today.

However, if you’re still pondering on whether you should take your business to the Cloud or not, here’s an infographic created and designed by Landau Consulting that can give you the information you need about moving to The Cloud.


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