Food Truck Festival In Town

Yes, the food truck festival in town is the most exciting and family fun point. You can set up your town’s people on fire by a good day out plan. Being a mayor or responsible person in town is not an easy job, but getting your town’s responsibilities and duties set aside and have a respite for a day is not much that you can have for yourself. Here is the deal of having a good hang out day with folks.

Arrange food truck vendors

Food truck festival cannot be in place without the food truck vendors. The regular food carts around your town can be added to the list, and you can call upon new people and allow them to enjoy this adventurous voyage. Try giving your town’s people a chance to show their cooking skills and diversified cuisines.

You can throw a contest among the trucks for the best food, chosen by the consumer’s feedback.

Set up a place for the festival

Make your town’s hall, ground or any other open-air place to be the venue. Where you can get the town’s community reach easily, parking their cars, and enjoy the time with their families. The day and time should be convenient for everyone so that maximum people could come and join the gathering. Precast weather should be considered for the ceiling and open-air venues and tents.

Decorate the venue

The venue timing decides how much light you are having and how much more is needed. If you are setting for a day out then there is no need for lights, sunlight will be enough for the occasion. And if you plan out for the evening then the proper lights should be there. Glowing lights, floating lanterns and paper globes of different colors can enchant the venue.


Do have good music and stereo system for entertainment or if you are in an abundant budget then set up live concert and music karaoke. Similarly, arrange photographers and media reporters to cover the event. Set up booths for family photos for locals as well.

Crowd handling

Once the crowd is gathered it is hard to handle the problems. You can arrange the police and volunteers for the crowd handling, help desk and lost and found the office as well just to make sure that everything is in order, do take rounds of the festival regularly.



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