Become a professional artisan pizza maker! Visit our best culinary institute in Dubai.

Eating could be a necessity, but cooking is an Art!! Are you a person who is curious about the art of cooking and planning to become a pro??Hope you know that having a Culinary Arts Degree from one of the standard culinary schools in Dubai will be a major advantage in your journey.

As every profession has an outstanding training ground, the culinary arts has International Centre for Culinary Arts, Dubai. With their structured culinary programs the culinary institute brings you world class experience and personalized training.

ICCA Dubai offers special culinary programs such as

  • Professional Program,
  • Amateur Program,
  • Artisan Courses,
  • Artisan Pizza,
  • Sugar Craft,
  • Lifestyle classes,
  • Celebrity Chef Training,
  • Gelato,
  • Barista Program,
  • Team Building Events

Want to Master the craft of Making Authentic Artisan Pizza??

People who dream of becoming a Pro in Artisan Pizza making choose the best International professional artisan pizza institute in Dubai. Artisan Pizza College such as International Centre for Culinary Arts Dubai provides standard courses in Artisan Pizza Making that helps you to become a skilled professional Authentic Artisan Italian Pizza maker.

ICCA offers Professional Artisan Pizza Training Courses such as ‘Pizza for the professional’, ‘Pizza at Home’ and ‘Pizza for Commercial Cook’.

Pizza for the professionals is the best course for the one who is looking to learn the Art of making Authentic Artisan Pizza, from the Italian Pizza Masters themselves on Entrepreneurial and Professional levels.

Pizza for the Commercial Cook is a perfect course for those who are eager to learn the skill of Authentic Artisan Italian Pizza making from the Italian Pizza Masters. This program covers Professional and Entrepreneurial levels of pizza making.

For those who looking for artisan pizza classes to learn the Art of Authentic Italian Pizza making, ICCA offers Pizza at Home course where you’ll be able to learn the art and techniques from the professionals and Italian Pizza Masters themselves to develop your personal Skills.

It’s your time to become a professional artisan pizza maker and get a glimpse into the world of Pizza Making!! Select a program from the best Culinary Institute in Dubai and get started with your journey.


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