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Biteris Creates a Circumvention From Poverty

Biteris Global Introduces Biteris Coin

As the world economy becomes more volatile, Biteris creates ways to circumvent poverty. Essentially, our digital tokens can be used by anyone anywhere around the world to invest, reinvest or receive funding for a project or business idea. Ultimately our crypto-tokens are converted from fiat currency into an investment tool that anyone in the world can have access to.

Biteris not only funds businesses and real estate projects, but also grants funding for education and social projects that create sustainability for the general public can be offered.

Here is how our project works.

(Passive Investment Module)

Small investors buy Biteris Tokens, filling up blocks of seed money required to fulfill orders on that specific project.

The blocks don’t need to be completed in order for the project to begin. Biteris may fund the balance of the project using it’s own source.

Upon completion of the project or commencement of revenue returned on investment, the client will then receive a dividend payable in tokens for which the investor may either reinvest or take profit on and exchange for fiat currency.

Client may also hold the tokens for future returns and valuation increase based on the companies future projects.

(Active Investment Module)

Investor buys a block of seed tokens in order to take part in an opportunity to create and execute a transaction with no qualifying factors yet reap the benefits of a partnership with Biteris for that single transaction. The tokens are not exchanged for fiat but converted into a digital asset.

Biteris provides grants with the proceeds from past projects to assist  unbanked, underpriveledged entrepreneurs around the world forging a clear path toward independence.


Anyone in the world can buy any amount of tokens in support of this mission. Simply go to or download the mobile platform.

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