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Virie Market is The Most Convenient Way to Buy and Sell Online

Buying and selling online has never been this convenient. The revolutionary blockchain technology used in the Virie Market platform made it possible to buy and sell anything for anything from any part of the world, in the most convenient way possible. It won’t take long for the users to figure out their way to buy and sell their products or currencies because it has the most user-friendly interface ever existed in the market. Its source code is open to users who can be anybody who doesn’t even have to be a geek. It’s simple, easy, quick and most importantly, it’s secure. With an added layer of security, all transactions are untraceable and unlinkable that it would be impossible to hack it.

Buying and Selling Products in Virie Market

To make an offer to buy or sell a product, just click the “Post offer” button located at the upper right-hand corner of the Virie app. Simply fill out the form with the required information:

  • I want (Buy an item or Sell an item)
  • Offer Category (e.g. electronics, audio/video recordings, groceries, etc.)
  • Offer sub Category (e.g. phones for electronics, Repair, and construction, etc.)

Note that you can also buy and sell services in Virie Market

  • Offer name (provide a title for your offer)
  • Offer description (describe your product)
  • Currency (select the currency from the dropdown menu)
  • Price (how much is the product?)
  • Bonus (write a lucrative statement about your offer)
  • Transfer method (select how you want the exchange to happen e.g. in person, collect, or delivery)
  • Communication method (select how you want to communicate with the buyer or seller e.g. email, phone, or messenger)
  • Location (select where you want the exchange to happen e.g. country or you can select anywhere)

Fill out the Offer Posting Terms just below the Offer to Purchase/Sell an Item form

  • The offer will be posted for (set how many days you want the offer posted before it’s deleted)
  • Posting fee (Premium is 0.01 VRE and Standard is 0.0001 VRE, the lowest in the market)
  • Safe from which the fee will be deducted (If you have more than one safe, select from the dropdown menu where you want the fee to be deducted)
  • Tick the checkbox for the disclaimer on terms of service (I do not buy/sell prohibited substances, materials, or information, nor do I provide illegal services, or do I violate the law in any way.)
  • Click continue and that’s it. Your offer will show in the market within at least 5 minutes upon submission.

Buying and Selling Currencies in Virie Market

To make an offer to buy or sell currencies, just click the “Post offer” button located at the upper right-hand corner of the Virie app the same way you do for creating an offer to buy or sell a product. Simply fill out the form with the required information as buying and selling products except that for the “I want” field where you would choose either Buy Virie or Sell Virie. All other information required will be the same, including the posting terms. That’s it! You’ll see your offer in the market within just a few minutes.

With Virie Market now available to download and use, economic freedom is just a few clicks away. Download it here and see for yourself.

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