Study MBBS in Russia – Best Opportunity for Indian Students

Russia has been a well known destination for International understudies for seeking after MBBS directly from Soviet Era. Russia possesses about involving right around 30 situations among top 100 positioning Medical Universities as indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO’s) “Index of World Medical Schools”. Pass-outs from Russian Medical Universities are by and by working in the main Hospitals over the world.

MBBS in Russia is a favored decision for International students because of profoundly sponsored expense by the Russian Ministry of Health and Education when contrasted with other western nations. There are very nearly 57 medical colleges in Russia. The student to instructor proportion is 7:1 in all Russian Medical Universities.

In the previous decade, there has been a ten times increment in several international students going for MBBS in Russia. All colleges are perceived by WHO and Medical Council of driving nations like the U.K, U.S.A, middle east, India, Australia, Canada, and so forth. The span of MBBS in Russia in English Medium is 6years. Students can also settle on MBBS in Russian Medium. The time of doing is 7 years which combines 1 year as Russian Language Training (preliminary Faculty).

About Russia

Russia is the biggest nation of the world via land territory and it is otherwise called Russia Federation. Moscow, the capital of Russia, is the biggest city in the world. The populace of Russia is about 146.6 million. Russian government depends on a majority rule type of principle. The Russian Federation offers land fringe with Lithuania and Poland (both with Kaliningrad Oblast), Finland, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, China, Mongolia, Norway Estonia, and North Korea.

Why MBBS Study in Russia

Medical Study in Russia is simple for a typical student because any student from everywhere throughout the world can take direct MBBS Admission with no placement test. Students get completely hostel facility inside the college grounds with crisp and quality sustenance. MBBS Students can get grant also if they satisfy the grant criteria.

All of the MBBS students in Russia obtain Medical Insurance for all of the courses and obtain complete medical treatment when they want. Students get training for MCI screening test during the medical course and teachers are very much aware of the MCI screening test. Medical courses are educated in English and the Russian languages, MBBS students also get preparing to learn Russian Language because by learning the Russian language a student can speak with patients in the emergency clinic during the time of medical practice.


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