Addiction – Why Should You Take Expert Help To Get Sober

For some people, it is really difficult to admit that they are under alcohol addiction. If substance abuse has started to affect the quality of life that you live, you must consider a close look at your health condition and see if you need expert help. Once you accept your addiction, it will be much easier to take the path to recovery.

The next step is to get sober and look for Drug Addiction Recovery Pittsburgh. While it can be a little confusing for you to think whether or not your addiction is severe enough to go to rehab, an expert can help you the right way. It is found that only 10% of people who struggle with drinking problems receive the treatment that is needed.

A lot of people decide to forego treatment until they hit rock bottom or they don’t face a bad consequence. If you are questioning it too much whether or not you need help to get sober, it has already brought you closer to decide on receiving treatment. When you find yourself questioning too much for a treatment, you likely do need one. The truth is that you need to make an appointment with Drug Rehab Pittsburgh and discuss your addiction to an expert. They will understand the severity of your case and help you fight the negatively affects caused by substance use.

You cannot decide on the spectrum that helps in determining whether your addiction is mild or severe. There are different criteria as included below:

Desire to quit but failing

Lack of control

Desire to quit but unable


Problems with relationships

Lack of interest in quitting on alcohol


The above-mentioned are a few criteria. One or more of these will decide on the severity of your addiction. Seeking help to get sober is the best way to work on your drinking habit.

Your friend circle may not acknowledge your addiction as they would continue to tell you that you are fine and this is not a problem. Think about what your conscious tells you and try to analyze the situation deeply. If these friends are themselves consuming too much alcohol, they are just consoling you to not lose a friend to party with. Your true friends must always support your decision to get sober. Also, they will suggest the best Drug Rehab Centers Pittsburgh get you the needed help. Take a decision now and move towards a better life.

The Waddington Rehab Center is a 20 bed non-hospital short term and long term inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center. The Waddington Rehab Center is located in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh in the neighborhood of Brookline. Dr. Arif M Rafi MD officially opened our doors in May of 2016 with the goal of helping individuals struggling with addiction. Dr. Rafi has been trying hard over the last few years to cut down pain medication to his patients. He has been offering interventional procedures to his patients, suitable for patients based on diagnosis, such as epidural steroids to nerve blocks to radiofrequency nerve ablations and spinal cord stimulants. He has been successful on many patients, who depend less on prescription medications for pain.

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