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How to minimize neck pain by changing life practices | Self care for neck pain!

Neck pain is one of the major health issue haunting the general population.

Many studies reveals that about 60 to 70 % people have gone through this problem at least at one point in their lives.

The causes can be

  • Muscular
  • Neurological
  • Degenerative\age related disc problems
  • Stress\psychological issues
  • falls, injury or many others

There are many biomechanical factors related to neck pain including poor posture during work\study, long hour computer use, lack of exercise, improper and ergonomically unsuitable environment for work or study.

The pain in the neck can be a dull ache or a shooting burning pain and can be associated with tightness in neck musculature. Associated symptoms may include pain in both arms, numbness, tingling sensations and decreased range of motion.

If we talk about the young population than neck pain is the matter of concern and needs to be addressed. As we know that modern age gadgets have so many hazards and these dangers are increasing with advancing technologies. Neck pain among young individuals or secondary school\undergrad students is considered to be the consequence of ill-used contemporary tools.

Factors responsible for increased prevalence of neck pain among youngsters may include

  •  Long hour usage of computer\desktop
  • Working on laptops for extended time
  •  Wrong and faulty postures during study and computing
  • Overuse of cell phones\tablets and other screen devices
  • Stress and over burden of work
  • Weight of heavy school bags
  • Lack of exercise and improper dietary habits

Many studies have proved that all discussed elements are the major causative agents for health related problems among young individuals including neck pain.

Now the question is how we can minimize these risk factors to save our children. There are some ways through which the increasing prevalence of neck pain can be decreased specially in young students.

  • Prolonged use of computer and laptops should be avoided by adding some rest period after every half an hour. In computer class a 15 minutes chit chat\discussion session should be introduced.
  • Special student awareness workshops should be arranged in secondary schools or for undergrad students with the help of occupational\physical therapists to create awareness amongst the youngsters
  • About the proper ergonomics and postural stance while working on computers
  • Teach them the relaxation techniques they should perform in the intervals while computing to avoid unnecessary stress and strain in the neck musculature
  • Demonstrate them the correct position of eyes and neck while working on electronic devices
  • Correct posture setting devices (chairs\tables\cushions) should be introduced to avoid postural imbalance during study
  • Parents should take the responsibility to cut short the avoidable usage of cell phones or tablets in young children to save their health.
  • The weight of heavy school back packs should be reduced with the collective efforts of school authority and parents. Special arrangement can be done to place some books and notebooks in the school instead of carrying them daily to home. Also the different subjects can be taught on the alternate days to avoid the unnecessary burden of books in the bags.
  • Regular exercise and proper diet should be introduced from early age to make them habitual.

All the above are few guidelines to avoid the prevalence of neck pain and other health related issues among young students.

Article written by scholar team member.

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