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Got Mold Problems? Three Words: MJ Home Services

Baltimore – Is your house in Baltimore in need of mold removal services? Well, there’s no need to worry so much anymore because MJ Home Services is always ready to serve you!

In fact, this family-owned and operated company has already been around your locale for more than a decade and has since then helped so many households deal with their house damage and mold problems. And if you find out just how the company began, well, then you’ll understand just how much dedication they really have to their work.

The company started with the owners’ firsthand experience with molds. They had to endure their own mold problems in their home when they first settled down in the area since nobody else had enough expertise to really give them the treatment their house needed. So what did they do? They instead expanded their fields and became their own experts. And after establishing a company, they’ve set out to help everyone else in Baltimore.

Now, their reputation wherever anybody talks about them is undeniably fantastic. With 800+ of reviews scattered across different websites on the Internet, you’ll get to see a consistent trend among them. Particularly, they talk about how dedicated and true the company really is to what they do. And people who say otherwise are quite rare.

They’ve even secured awards and A+ ratings from sites like HomeAdvisor, BBB, and Thumbtack as recognition for their performance throughout the years. And they’ve managed to maintain those awards during this whole decade that they’ve been active.

So you might have already heard of them, that is if you live in Baltimore or in nearby areas. But if you haven’t, well, then here’s a list of what they can do for you and your house:

Mold Removal – As mentioned, this is the reason the business started out in the first place. So you could say that this is their prime service, and is what they’re best known for. Rest assured that MJ Home Services has all the best equipment to perform this service, from inspection to mitigation to complete annihilation of microorganisms. Whether the buildup is on your attic or in your crawl space areas, this company has what it takes to neutralize your problems.

Catastrophe Cleanup – Unfortunately, storms and flooding aren’t that rare in Baltimore. But that’s exactly why this company has expanded to also cater to cleanups for catastrophes. This also means they can solve any sort of water damage that you may encounter, such as wet drywall and ruined furniture. With MJ Home Services working on your home, you can be sure that they won’t leave a spot uncleaned.

Roof Repair – Of course, one won’t ever be able to finish the services mentioned above if the house has existing damage on their roof. That’s because rain will only keep on seeping into your home if you don’t get that crack up there fixed, or if you leave any leakages unchecked.

Drainage Services – Similar to roof repairs, any existing problem with your drainage can cause water-related trouble, which would give everyone a difficult time to accomplish any other home restoration jobs. That’s why part of MJ Home Services goals is to both install and repair high-quality drainages which are well-suited for the layout of your home. And if you have a basement, then you can also let them install your sump pump to make sure that the underground level of your home stays dry whether or not the soil outside is dry as well.

Retaining walls – This one’s a bit far from their other services, but you’ll see it’s just as essential. Retaining walls are meant to hold off materials, which means it’s the best solution for landslides or mudslides if you happen to be in an area that’s always raining where such incidents are possible, or if your landscape needs that kind of support.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t wait for storms and heavy rain to hit you before you start reinforcing your home with these services. Call MJ Home Services now at 410-242-5500 for more information or check out their website at for their services. If you’re in an emergency situation though, feel free to call them at 443-716-6277 instead! Rest assured, MJ Home Services will provide you with the best mold removal services you can ever have in your area!

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