Short and Long Term Effects of Roof Neglect – Infographic

If you’ve been neglecting your roofing all this time, well you better think twice now. Being labeled as one of the most beneficial features of our home, our roof needs serious maintenance. As the challenging weather conditions defy the structure and stability of your roofing, each homeowner should be informed with all the imperative facts and demands of roofing.

Any part of our home can be severely damaged, what more for your roofing that stands as your primary defense from the freezing coldness of winter, melting heat of the sun, harmful rain and deadly intensity of the wind. This matter may seem simple but come to think of the possible effects of further neglecting.

Apart from the possible leaks, pests there is also a danger that can happen if we continue overlooking our roofing complications. Also, take into count the fact that the more we don’t compromise with its needs the more we likely suffer from the costly repair or replacements.

So before agony hits hard, make sure to sensitize yourself with the potential pitfalls of your negligence how you can avoid them.

To know more about the possible short and long term effects of your roof neglecting, read more from the infographics below from Fahey Roofing Contractors.


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