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Know In Detail About The Heat Exchanger And It Principle Operation

According to the name, the heat exchanger is the device that exchanges the heat from one medium to another. The medium can be gas, water, air, or the combination of both. If you want to know in detail about the heat exchanger and how it is operated then you have reached the right article.

Heat exchangers are used in the manufacturing firm where the heat generated need to be escaped from one matter to another or into the environment. Especially, in the automobile industry heat exchangers are in high demand because the huge amount of heat that is generated in the automobile ignition process need to be escaped that is the reason the heat exchangers are used.

 Inside the automobile heat exchanger having a solution of ethylene glycol and the water which is also known as anti-freeze agent is used to transfer the heat. The anti-freeze solution will transfer the heat generated from the engine to radiator and then from the radiator to the air flowing through it. So, it would be not wrong to say that heat exchanger ensures the smooth function of the automobile and also keep your car from overheating. Likewise, the heat exchanger is designed to eliminate a huge amount of heat from the power supplies, aircraft engines, lasers, x-ray tubes and many other types of equipment that need the cooling much more than air-cooled heat sinks can provide.

PV solar panels, trapping the solar energy and then convert it into the electricity also need the cooling agent. However, the use of the heat exchanger can be eliminated from while manufacturing the solar panel. There are many types of solar panels such as air to air, liquid to liquid, air to liquid, and liquid to the air heat exchanger. Liquid to the liquid heat exchanger is used to cool the liquids from one place to another inside the device. On the other hand air to air heat exchangers are used to transfer heat from one gas stream to another. Moreover, the example of the air to liquid cooling is cabinet cooling.  As per the requirement, you can shop for them.

In the telecom rectifier system, to cool the windings of the transformers heat exchangers are used. So, now you know that heat exchanger is generally, used to keep the windings and heated areas cool. The excessive heat generated inside the system is either expelled away or should be transferred from one medium to another. Buy now!

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