Knee Locking – Know The Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment

There are a lot of knee-related injuries a knee lock or the meniscus tear is one of them that can be very painful and intimidating. If you are looking for the primary care doctor for the holistic health care then you are knocking the wrong doorbell! Yes! You heard it right because consulting the practitioner of the knee pain clinic is the right destination to reach. The specialists are trained in treating a little bit of everything and coordinate patient health care in one central location.

The meniscus is the small piece of cartilage injuries in your knee that stabilizes your knees and ensures its joint mobility. It protects the joints from any kind of wear and tear. When the cartilage in your knee breaks or gets loosen up causing the knee to lock up. You feel excessive pain to do the knee movement. The expert from the knee pain management clinic will examine the depth of cartilage breakage inside your knee that allows the doctor to catch the early symptoms of serious conditions. The symptoms of knee locks are as follows:

  • Swelling around the knee area
  • Excessive pain in doing any physical excessive because of pain in the knee
  • During an injury, you felt a popping sensation
  • Unbearable pain in straightening and bending the leg
  • The high tendency of your knee to get lock-up

So, now you must be thinking what’s the right treatment for a meniscus tear?

Depending upon the location and size of the broken cartilage the treatment of the locked knee differs. The factor that can affect the treatment includes activity level, age, and related injuries. Meniscus’ outer portion having a good supply of blood sometimes heal on its own and meniscus inner part that does not contain a good supply of blood can’t heal on its own and needs medical help as soon as possible. The supply of blood is important because it brings the necessary nutrients to the wound so that it heals on its own.

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