The band saw – A sharp blade for cutting a variety of materials

A band saw is the first stationary power equipment purchased for a shop because of its attributes of being highly versatile and flexible. It’s not only used for fun craft work but also for cutting ornamental moldings and other furnishings and cabinetry services.

A band saw can be utilized to cut curves, even in thick lumber. For example, in making cabriole legs, to tear lumber and to crosscut short pieces. The most widely recognized use for the band saw is cutting irregular shapes. Also, it’s commonly used for resawing or tearing timber into thinner pieces. A band saw likewise makes the smoothest cuts and, with the proper cutting edge, can be used to cut materials other than wood, including metal.

Fundamentally, the band saw machine includes either two or three wheels, a rotating blade, and a table to help the work and motor run efficiently.

Band saws are available in various sizes from small bench-top to huge-floor models. The size and type of the table on the band saw is incredibly important.  The larger the table, the easier it becomes to hold and guide the entire stock through the saw. The guides need to be adjusted properly. Good-quality band saws feature roller-bearing guides. On the other hand, the narrower the blade, the tighter the curve can be cut down.

If there isn’t a requirement for higher productivity, a band saw is the better alternative. Thinner blades and fewer chips are particularly used in this machine. That is one of the reasons why it makes cutting curves seem easy regardless of chair seats, rounded tabletops and arched trim. Nothing makes compound cutting simpler than a band saw.

To determine the size of the band saw, there is a need to measure the distance from the blade to the throat. The measurement is a bit more in comparison to the largest piece of wood the machine can handle. However, the largest circular blade is placed around the top and bottom of the machine’s wheels. 

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