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SEO Outsourcing – Do’s and Don’ts (Infographic)

A lot of companies have realized the importance of having a data-driven campaign for Search Engine Optimization, but few have the time and expertise to execute such a campaign. Many businesses decided to outsource their SEO campaigns as doing so allowed for multiple benefits for the company.

Businesses that outsource their SEO do so to achieve cost-efficiency since SEO specialists outside the company cost around $200 to $500 compared to approximately $3,700 for in-house staff. Outsourcing SEO also allows companies to focus on more critical areas of their businesses instead of worrying about online marketing.

Having the right budget isn’t enough to guarantee that the SEO outsourcing company is of high-caliber, necessitating in knowing some of the practices that ensure the project’s success while maintaining your company’s reputation.

It is essential to know your goals when outsourcing your SEO, to choose the right method of SEO, and to pick the right type of SEO provider. Researching the SEO company’s background and performance is also essential to ensure that your provider is the best.

Other essential information, including what a company shouldn’t regarding SEO providers, are found in this infographic by Digital Marketing Philippines.

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