Augmented Reality for Apple Maps: Hiring Trends Suggest Apple’s Inclination to AR

Apple, Google, and Amazon are always looking forward to enhancing their products and services by integrating the latest technology. Apple in recent years have shown a keen interest in Augmented Reality and this past week it acquired a startup focused on building lenses for AR.

Apple’s interest in emerging technologies like AR wasn’t clear, but the new hiring has given a clear picture of how much interest the company seems to be.

Thinknum further confirmed Apple hiring trend related to Augmented Reality after looking closely. The job postings by the Apple clearly depicts the ramp in positions related to Augmented Reality Applications. For what specific application Apple is hiring is still not confirmed but the possibility seems to be Apple Maps.

The job description for the position at Apple Maps Position, Apple flaunts how mapping products are still in the early stages with new technologies like LIDAR and AR set to jolt the things:

“Digital maps have become essential tools of our everyday lives, yet despite their ubiquity, they are still in their infancy. From urban mobility to indoor positioning, from LIDAR to Augmented Reality, advances in technology and new kinds of data are powering innovations in all areas of digital mapping. If you love maps and are passionate about what is possible, you will be in great company.”

Another job listing by Apple for the position of iOS/MacOS Engineer does not go into as many details. However, it requires candidates to have an understanding about Maps and Core Locations APIs, along with familiarity with AR APIs.

Solutions from third-party developers have shown how Augmented Reality can be incorporated to enhance maps and navigation. Moreover, Apple is also in the middle of upgrading Apple maps from the ground.

With all that said, hiring trends are not clear signs of product roadmaps, but it can signal where Apple is currently working on and paying attention to.

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