Don’t Think Too Much To Get A Shortcut Route For Mobile App Development

Being a mobile app developer or wanted to be a mobile app developer, the most important requirement is the logical mind. It helps the structure to get functioned as per requirement easily but sometimes moving in a ruled pattern can become a burden with time. Hence to break the rule many platforms have been sculpted in terms of cross-platform. You might have been listening to the cross-platform topics as it will help the app developing platform to assure the features to get functioned rapidly but there is a requirement from the developers to choose the appropriate cross-platform for mobile app development. Thus to get knowledge about it I have listed down the top cross-platform based on the features and the requirement to build apps. These platforms will help the developer to rapid their time to develop the application.

1. Xamarin

This platform is especially for the C# developers, the base of this cross-platform is developed with this language hence those who want to develop app across the platform with native IDEs, languages, is applicable easily and it is inbuilt with Git integration.

Reason To Use

I. It included with certain demo apps to help the developers to learn and engage easily.
II. Limited apps can share across various mobile platforms but it can reduce the time to spend for developing and marketing.
III. It helps the tester in functions and monitoring the quality as it has it’s an android based emulator.

2. Appcelerator

The developers can make use of this tool to build, test, connect, and monitor the functionality. Those who are strong in javascript language can make use of this platform with a well-versed usage. Developers can use this app for various platforms such as Android and iOS to Windows Phone and BlackBerry to reduce their time and deliver the project quickly.

Reason To Use

I. The application can run easily with a high response and suitable for interacting UI.
II. You do not require a setup to effort your data to store as it consists of a feature called ArrowDB, it allows the models with non-setup efforts.
III. To obtain the system with continuous progress this platform helps the developers to feature with seamless integration.
IV. This platform is included with the various inbuilt connectors that help the features to perform integration techniques such as MS Azure, MS SQL, Salesforce, etc.

3. PhoneGap

It is an open-source platform designed by professionals with a comprised compiler, debugger, and testing tools and included with technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Many users were thinking that this platform is suitable for creating simple apps that can be used by only the capability of the device but recently it has been structured with various multiple plugins such as Image Capture plugin, Media Recorder Plugin, Push plugin, etc. To develop an instant app, a special feature is enabled by the platform to supervise and control the dispersed workforces. It also allows the user to capture the result of duty through the camera and can store it for visualize.

Reason To Use

I. Those who well versed in languages such as TML5, CSS3, and JavaScript can make use of this platform with depth control as the basement of PhoneGap is built with these languages.
II. It engages the developers to work with multiple platforms such as across iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and decreases the time to think and spent on various platforms.
III. The architecture functions with a plugin called plugin-able which helps the developers to create apps that are featured with the device ability.
IV. It allows the app user to download the apps from the App Store for iOS, the Google Play Store for Android, and more.

4. Sencha Ext JS

Developers who were requiring a platform to develop an app with an interactive manner can make use of this platform. The framework of this platform can be utilized with robust data as the package of its deals with back-end too. It is in-built with various components such as pre-tested and integrated UI components, including calendar, grids, charts, etc. The business acquires can host the app with a feature called business intelligence to analyze the data with visualization. It includes Pivot Grid and D3 adapter, Sencha Ext JS and Grid with a solid package of records to use easily.

Reason To Use

I. Themes are inbuilt with its native features for every platform.
II. Data sources can use back-end data independently with various forms.
III. It enhances Cordova integration to access the API and its packaging.

5. NativeScript

It is an open-source platform to build apps with a wide range of extensive such as native UI. It also allows the user to reuse the codes for later application usage based on the system requirement. It is built with rich features to enhance the app with its perform.

Reason To Use

I. The developers can make use of Angular.js 2 and TypeScript.
II. You can use any javascript library to include in your application based on the functionalities required by the apps.
III. You can access the native apps with their API to access the components directly with the libraries.

6. MonoCross

This platform supports various development natures such as C#, Microsoft .NET and the Mono framework. It includes controller, model, and application with various platforms to deliver a proper user-interface. To port, the app can make use of this platform as it extensively supports it and applicable for business platforms when the changes occur rapidly.

Reason To Use

I. It enhances a wide variety of APIs and MonoCross to ease the applications with its capability of the device.
II. It also allows the developers to support the third-party services that enable the user to make use of it widely with low-level interfaces.
III. It requires C# and .net to develop the apps based on the function of MonoCross to with joint the capability.

Final Words

I hope the above cross-platforms help you to recognize the required selective function to develop apps.

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