Google Deployed AI for Cooling Data Centers: Saves 30% of the Energy

Google Data Centers backed by thousands of servers supports everything from YouTube to Gmail and Google search. However, the servers must be kept cool in order to remain to function and run optimally. A few years back, Google deployed AI to its data center cooling systems in order to recommend system controllers about how to boost efficiency, while preserving ideal temperature. Presently, Google claims its AI is running the show.

Presently, Artificial Intelligence is executing actions on its own, while the human operators are present to supervise if needed. The system takes a snapshot after a few minutes of the cooling system, which is then fed into DeepMind’s neural networks. Thereafter, the AI analyzes what actions to be taken to control temperature and reduce energy consumption followed by actions through a number of safety checks thatares to be implemented.

When Google developed its AI-powered recommendation system, it stated that the thinking behind the move was simple. “Even minor improvements would provide significant energy savings and reduce CO2 emissions to help combat climate change,” DeepMind said in a blog post. After the deployment of the system, the data center operators stated that it was unveiling some better techniques. However, it required quite a time and effort when manually implementing. It is then where Google started to work and explore an automated system.

Similar to other Machine Learning Models, this one is far better as it is able to gather more data. It saves up to 30% of the energy on average as compared to the data centers used in the past. One of the noteworthy things is that Google is trying to reduce some cost and save money, but it is also looking forward to promoting its own Machine Learning Services. DeepMind writes, “What works in a data center, after all, should also work in a large office building. “In the long term, we think there’s potential to apply this technology in other industrial settings and help tackle climate change on an even grander scale.”

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