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How to Analyze digital storage infrastructure with STOR2RRD?

As businesses grow increasingly dependent on digital data, many are having a hard time trying to keep up with the demand. Today’s operating systems and applications aren’t getting any less storage-hungry either, and many in-house data centers are bursting under the seams of constantly increasing demand. To become more scalable and adaptable to change, every business needs a reliable way to track and manage its digital assets. STOR2RRD was developed to help ease the digital storage burden by giving businesses the control they need. It gathers information from all the physical and virtual servers and other data-bearing devices connected to your SAN or WAN. It gives you a prognosis for all covered infrastructure, lets you fix problems proactively and troubleshoot issues easily. If you’re looking for a way to optimize your mission-critical IT infrastructure, then STOR2RRD provides a must-have solution.

Optimize your storage networks and bandwidth consumption

Now that the modern business has grown so data-hungry, it has become more important than ever to retain complete control over the administration of your digital assets. The very performance of your business right down to the levels of productivity of your employees and the availability of every mission-critical system depend on it. Today’s companies need to think about things like data governance, security, compliance, privacy and availability to name a few. But you cannot expect to do any of those things effectively if you don’t know where your assets lie and their various specifications. With STOR2RRD at your disposal, you can monitor the performance and more of the storage devices connected to your network. This lets you monitor or troubleshoot activity in a proactive manner, access a real-time prognosis for all your infrastructure and optimize bandwidth consumption and storage space without having to constantly fork out for more hardware and services.

STOR2RRD provides full native support for a huge range of storage devices, including those from leading brands like NetApp, IBM, Hitachi, Dell EMC, Lenovo, HPE, and many other vendors ranging from Huawei to Pure Storage. On top of that, it supports storage area networks powered by Cisco, Brocade, and QLogic, and local area network devices made by Cisco, Huawei and any other networked device which is compatible with Cisco SNMP MIBs. Support for various other devices is always under development, so in the unlikely event STOR2RRD doesn’t support your current infrastructure in its entirety, just keep an eye out on the under-development page and product roadmap or send a query to find out more at .

STOR2RRD is all about convenience and accessibility when it comes to helping businesses carry out data governance and proactive management procedures with ease. It allows you to obtain the information you are looking for with just two or three clicks, and you can find the exact utilization of any attached device in a simple and user-friendly graphical form. This makes it comprehensible to anyone from technicians to management-level people who might not also be technical experts themselves. It is also free to use, making it a great alternative for those who would rather not invest in costly commercial solutions.


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