iOS 12 Public Beta 6: Major Improvements in Tools and Removal of Group FaceTime

As always, iOS beta release comes with a bang and the pre-release of iOS 12 has ended. The good news is that the new version can be downloaded by anyone who likes to have a crunch of it. The sad part is that this time you will not be seeing Group FaceTime.

Those of you who don’t know anything about Group FaceTime is one of the premium features of iOS 12, which was demonstrated on stage during the initial keynote. It has been removed from iOS 12 Public Beta 6 and will not be available until the next release.

The newer version of iOS includes a set of drawing tools for sketching new images and adding them in the Notes app. These tools come with new features such as a pop-up window for each of the drawing tools facilitate users to pick how thick each line should be along with slide control color intensity.

The innovation has somehow justified rumors about support for Apple Pencil in 2018 iPhone models. Developers got access to beta 6 early last week. At that time, it still had Group FaceTime. The decision to hold back the release was made just a few days ago, and this is the first public beta version without it. Apple has not given any reason that why the feature has been deferred. People who tested the beta version found it wobbly. Apple would surely wipe off the code from bugs before the release of iOS 12, expected next month.

Signing up for Apple Beta Software Program is available for everyone. Apple recently claimed that already millions of people have signed up. Apart from eliminating Apple Group chat features, it is essentially the same beta as developers began testing last week.

Siri shortcuts for iPhone and iPad can perform complex actions with voice commands. iOS 12 also comes with Memoji, a personalized and animated version of emoji. The full release is expected to happen in September along with the introduction of 2018 iPhone models.

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