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Manage Your Virtualized Storage Environment with STOR2RRD

Today’s businesses are doubling the amount of digital data they generate every two years on average. In fact, data is now the most valuable commodity in the world, a fact that poses both innumerable opportunities, along with a plenitude of risks. The challenge is compounded by the fact that a lot of organizations store their data over a wide variety of systems, including those hosted locally, data stored on mobile devices and that which is kept in the cloud. This presents a major challenge to those who are responsible for keeping track of the company’s data, such as CIOs. When you have data stored over such a disparate array of different physical systems, both in-house and remote, it’s naturally much harder to keep track of everything. At the same time, it’s absolutely essential to retain complete visibility into all of your company’s digital assets to maximize security, compliance and performance.

Introducing end-to-end views of your entire storage environment

STOR2RRD is designed to bring operational management and monitoring of data under a single cohesive environment that’s both accessible and easy to use. The tool provides a complete end-to-end view of your storage environment, including local systems like storage area networks (SANs) and local area networks (LANs). Since it brings everything together under one hood, there is no longer a need to monitor each system separately, which means greatly reduced administrative burden. In turn, this translates into reduced costs and proactive care. For example, centralized storage monitoring provides easily accessible insights into important events, such as bottlenecks and potential security breaches. It’s the perfect tool to use in a virtualized storage environment, and it provides administrators with the flexibility of being able to monitor the overall health of their systems and create alerts that align with the internal policies of the organization.

Alerting and event-monitoring made easy

STOR2RRD supports a huge and constantly growing range of storage devices and systems including big names like NetApp, IBM, Hitachi and numerous smaller vendors. It also offers support for a wide range of SAN and LAN devices, while support for various other systems is under development. It’s a constantly evolving storage ecosystem that you can tailor to the specific needs of your environment. In the unlikely event that your devices are not currently supported, you can vote for it on the website or keep up to date with the product roadmap to see what’s currently under development. For all supported devices, administrators will have access to real-time event-monitoring and automated alerts based on performance thresholds. You can tailor these alerts as such that they align with your organization’s polices and specific environment. Historical reporting features are also provided, with support for popular industry-standard formats like CSV, CLS and PDF.

The latest edition of STOR2RRD adds support for the IBM FlashSystem 9100, Dell EMC, PowerMAX, Dell EMC and PowerVault ME4-Series systems, and many more are on the way. Furthermore, STOR2RRD is completely free and available under the GRU General Public License. However, users may also choose to upgrade to the enterprise version to enjoy additional benefits like premium support and unlimited reporting capabilities. Check out the website today for more at .


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