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Pros and Cons of Betting

Around the world, millions of people enjoy gambling – they find fun in the adrenaline brought by betting. Gambling has been present for a long time, and its popularity continues to increase because of the accessibility through mobile phones and the internet. In Africa, particularly in Kenya, both the young and old make their bets.

Sports betting enthusiasts argue that betting is creating jobs for millions of young Africans – providing money to people who do not have the capacity to earn a stable income. Not to mention, most existing sports betting companies are fully licensed – they pay revenues to their respective governments – making their businesses contribute to the overall growth in Africa.

Each person has his stand in gambling, and knowing its positive and negative effects will help potential players create a better judgment – should you go for it or not? Here’s an infographic about the pros and cons of sports betting – prepared by Chezacash.

Pros and Cons of Betting

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