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Taxi Dispatch System

Since the beginning of the world, people have been inventing various things. There was a lot of dedication to this invention. In this dedication, someone succeeds someone failed. The invention of the wheel is one of the breakthroughs in this invention. When the wheel was discovered human thinking came into the thinking of how people from one place to another very easily. From this thought, people discover vehicles. Taxi is one of the mediums among the vehicles for carrying the people one place to another easily.

“A car with a driver who you pay to take you somewhere or where you want to go.”

A taxicab, also known as a taxi or a driver used by a single passenger or small group of passengers. Taxi is a popular transportation mode in a compact city with a high cost of private vehicle ownership. Taxi plays a vital role in offering alternative transportation services. It has been given various services like a satellite-based or cloud-based Taxi dispatch system which tracks taxis by using Global Position System (GPS) technology with a smartphone. Taxi on the road network is tracked, located and dispatched to customers in real-time.  Taxi dispatch software is a way of distributing jobs to drivers. In this software, customers are mapped with drivers for traveling a specific distance from the pick-up location. Easy to use of customers to book for a taxi and manage the data of them by a taxi company.

# Customer demands any cab.

# Most nearer drives are a response from customer calls and pick-up them for reaching the desired destination.

Envoy taxi dispatch system is a UK located company. Its taxi dispatch system has owned their private hire dispatch software, chauffeur, transfers, and courier. Envoy taxi system is chosen by many chauffeurs and executive travel companies for their business. Our booking module software has flight-related information such as flight no, flight landing time, flight arriving from also our booking module allows the controller to enter airport charges, sub charges, toll charges, etc.  Envoy chauffeur booking system allows the booking agent to send booking confirmation email and SMS to customers without any charges. Envoy maintains drivers billing, invoices, and statement with our account management section just one click of a button without any charges or hassle. Envoy cab booking and dispatch systems are well-organized software systems that can be used with very minimal training and designed for the smallest to the largest taxi business. It has also cloud-based software we do not charge any setup fee. We just offer 30 days rolling contract.

We also launch some extraordinary systems for the customers like quick booking and dispatch, easy account management, android, and IOS driver app, business management, caller ID, SMS, email, on booking and dispatch.

An application system has two sides one is driver application other is passenger application.

# Driver application is a manner to provide an immediate response to the passenger. But the taxi dispatch software can not assign the same task to two different drivers.

# Passenger application has visualized the taxi where to pick-up and end of happening.

The administrator of the taxi system overlooks all things and monitor. When the customer response for the taxi and from where.  Admin of apps is allocated more taxi in the hot zone and retain the customers in the business.

After ending the passenger ride feedback is given to the clients for their comments and ratings.

The ratings will help the taxi company to improve its overall performance.

After all, we are one of the cheapest and new technology-based software system providers in the market with a high-end product at a low price.

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