Amazing Destination to Visit This Year with Car Rental and Driver

Mathura is a Holy destination of India. I was in a way not mindful of the direction that it was so until I went on delhi agra mathura vrindavan tour by car. Vrindavan is a town in Mathura and it is a district. Vrindavan is also known as sibling of Mathura. I came to know that there were more than 30 spiritual places and temples in Mathura and Vrindavan, so I did not want to lose the chance to visit them.


Delhi is the core of India. Capital of India is Delhi, has fascinated people with magic. Whether you are a tourist, student, or a business holder, you will find incredible or the other in this stirring city which will pull on you towards it. The environment, the splendor, traditional and existing is the peak features of Delhi. The beauty of river Yamuna is the heart of Delhi. Delhi is located on the banks of Yamuna River, the north part of India. Delhi celebrates so many beautiful festivals to explore the elegance of India and to show the tradition and culture of Delhi to the travelers. You should visit Delhi for once in life. You can explore Delhi by car or Metro. But if you are new in Delhi, you should tour to delhi by caronly or book tour package which includes Delhi as the destination. Then we move Delhi to Agra by car.


Agra is the famous Taj city. The Traveler who is visiting Agra can’t afford to miss seeing the Taj Mahal, the seventh wonder of the world. The Taj is situated on the banks of the River Yamuna; you can enjoy the view of Yamuna River from there. You can also enjoy shopping in Agra. The city is known for its beautiful handicrafts and traditional fine art items. Agra is also world famous for leather. Hence a visitor will find a wide range of leather shoes & sandals, but personally I don’t prefer to use leather item as it is real leather and made out of animal skin. So you should skip buying the leather product. Agra also famous for sweet called “Petha” or “Agra Petha” as the city name Agra.

Mathura and Vrindavan

Mathura is a city in the state of UP (Uttar Pradesh), about 138 km from Delhi and about 52 km from Agra. Pilgrims visit this city for the reason that it is known to be the birth place of Lord Krishna, the living with Lord Vishnu. Krishna is worshiped as he is the philosopher, lover and guide to them. Mathura is known for its magnificent temples and the famous for Petha. This city is famous for religious tourism across the world. Best time to visit Mathura in Holy, Krishna Janmashtami and Radhashtami.

Vrindavan is around 16 kilometers from Mathura. Vrindavan is very close to Mathura, about 15 km. Follower says that Vrindavan is the place where Radha and Krishna meet and the place where love between Radha and Krishna blossomed. The town has various shrines and temples, where followers came and worship their divinity. Shri Banke Bihar Mandir is famous amongst all. It is supposed that this place positively purifies the mind, body and soul of the follower.

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