Enjoy in Himalayan Countries

Enjoy the iconic heritage attractions, travel across mountains, taste the mountain generosity and Himalayan culture. It was once popular as the “Illegal kingdoms”, and the Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan stay isolated from the exterior world for centuries. The tourist places of this country were opened just a few decades for international tourists. If you are confused about trekking the modern places which all look alike, then you will love this Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour from Nepal. These beautiful places provide you with the best experiences with their amazing cultures and old-world popular attraction. After completing the trip to Himalayan countries then you will have a lot of memories of these beautiful places that you cannot forget in your lifetime.

Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour gives you the best experience of its cultural tourist attractions of these Himalayan countries. And these three destinations are popular throughout the world for their amazing culture, Buddhist spiritualism, and great history. Enjoy these popular lands in the mountains that are occupied by mountain areas with amazing cultures. And must discover the valleys and hills to get enthralled by the awesome Himalayan view.

Spiritual Mountains and Cities with an Ancient World Attraction

Start your Himalayan trip from the ‘Place that is known for Thunder Dragon’, Bhutan. Find a portion of Bhutan’s prominent destinations – Punakha, Paro, and Thimpu. Take a ride crosswise over verdant Bhutanese wide open and drive through a high mountain pass, Do Chula pass. Venture into old posts (dzongs) and climb up to hallowed mountainside religious communities, combining Taktsang Monastery, roosted on a precipice. The following feature on your agenda is the Nepal to Tibet tour.

Head to the lively capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. Investigate two medieval kingdoms worked by Malla lords – Bhaktapur and Patan. Find Pokhara, a pleasant city situated next to the quiet Phewa Lake. Climb to Damsadi and stroll through a conventional town and paddy fields. Get stunned by the stunning perspectives on Himalayan pinnacles. Experience a supernatural Himalayan sunrise from Sarangkot to make your memories of this trip beautiful.


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