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Hiroshima Japan Travel is the one thing which is absolutely done in the name of curiosity and it has some unpleasant memory of the past when America dropped the first Nuclear bombs on Japan during the horrific World War II. The country saw a sudden spurt in radioactive emissions and it took many a people to suffer from various ailments which continued for many generations to come. The curiosity related to various sites and also a way to pay homage takes the people to various sites from Kyoto which is 354 Kilometers and then there is Shinkansen trains to take you at the speed of bullet trains within two hours as less people spend time more than a day at Hiroshima. Once you get down at Hiroshima station the Hiroshima Peace Memorial could be comfortably reached by tram or taxis. There is a place which is known as the atomic bomb dome sites which is surrounded by green grass and trees along with the highrises tower which has seen lot more destruction which was done here seventy years ago. The other place worth visiting but difficult to find is Atomic Bomb Dome which many visitors skip is because it is hard to find with a small marble monument on the side of narrow, city street.

Also, many children lost their lives here and the Children’s peace monument stands in memory of all children who lost their lives as a result of atomic bombings.The hypocentre is the place where the atomic bomb got detonated with 600 meters off the ground and is also marked by the small with the marble monument on the normal downtown street. The hypocentre which is Shimasjukhuset which is a medical clinic and also the monument is located on the street right in front of the building. The Hypocentre got back to the Atomic bomb dome and also the bridge over the Ota river and the Cenotaph which saw the frames as an eternal flame which burns in the memory and to spread the message that until every nuclear bomb gets over the flame will be burning. There is also a Hiroshima peace memorial museum and it practically runs into the museum which takes you to the cooling environment to break away from the heat. Enlarged photos of the bombings showed the aftermath of bombing and once Hiroshima Japan tour package is done then Okonomiyaki which is a Japanese pancake cooked with variety of ingredients could be taken for the food for thought and taste which lingers for long in the mouth.

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