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Is Migrating To Magento 2 Worth The Effort?

Meanwhile, three years have passed since the successor to the worldwide popular and dominant online shop system Magento came in the second version on the market. An exciting look at a software that is established with some meaningful innovations in companies from ambitious start-ups or SMEs to large international corporations and is flexibly adaptable to any requirement.

Some successful companies worldwide have created or fundamentally revised their online shop with Magento 2. It is especially aimed at providing new simple customer retention tools, making navigation and handling much easier, generating targeted click-throughs and increasing sales.

Speaking of the benefits of Magento 2, however, one must not forget the great legacy – Keyword Scalability: Just like Magento 1, the more modern version is also ideally suited for initial online marketers as well as for online platforms.

Magento 2 offers clear advantages, as online shop operators and app development companies are now working much faster and clearer. Fast, cost-efficient work is one of the advantages of Magento 2 over the first version. The new framework allows web development companies to make completely new and in-depth enhancements to map a store on many devices with the greatest possible usability. In the age of tablets and smartphones, this offers customers considerable added value.

Magento 2 is a significantly improved and optimized version of the original system. Web development companies can now easily incorporate their own extensions which also applies to the integration of payment or shipping services. But even operators of a Magento system benefit from significantly better performance and speed.

Benefits of Magento 2 Open Source – Flexible, Extensive and Free

For Magento 2, as well as Magento 1, a paid version is available. However, Magento 2 also offers all crucial second generation enhancements in its free open source version. Still, the free version can be easily downloaded and adapted by web development companies to individual requirements. Magento remains a powerful and comprehensive online shop system, but faster, more efficient, more flexible than ever.

The advantages of Magento 2 in detail:

  • The new framework: For experienced developers, it is possible to carry out far-reaching changes and to adapt the online shop to customer requirements. The software architecture has been optimized for scalability and flexibility.
  • Open Source: Of course, in the second version of the Open Source Edition is already very flexible and adaptable to most wishes of shop operators.
  • 10 times faster than Magento 1: Already integrated into the framework of Magento 2 are various improvements of the shop performance like a full-page caching, in order to display all data and changes faster and thus to reduce the server load. Another advantage of Magento 2 is that additional improvements like Varnish can be used. That promises even better performance.
  • Extensions and even more enhancements: With Magento 2, experienced online shop owners can even independently install pre-made extensions or themes themselves. Simple Web-Solutions still recommends professional support. Small problems sometimes cause great annoyance if not properly implemented.
  • Better SEO: Although SEO is still an art in itself, we also see clear benefits of Magento 2. In view of the growing competition in online commerce, there are more opportunities for meta tags of individual products, categories and shop pages. For a real-time advantage, especially with thousands of products, Magento 2 automatically generates meta tags from already entered data.
  • Internationality: Magento 2 now offers support from home to offer your shop in multiple languages and different currencies.
  • Simple payment services: When it comes to online shops, not only products but also the ordering process have to be convincing. The advantages of Magento 2: Popular payment service providers such as PayPal are already integrated into the framework. Individual payment providers can be easily added.
  • Scalability and security: A major focus in the development of Magento 2 was a further increase in security. Magento 2 grows safely and flexibly from the small start-up shop to worldwide online retailing with your demands for increasing numbers of articles and visitors!

Magento 2 offers in its open-source edition also for developers some new features, which bring decisive advantages. Various integral components such as the Knockout Framework, Command Line Interface, a rollback system or even the adaptive CMS of Magento 2 now offer the opportunity to detect faulty code easier.

Changes are automatically made by the script instead of time-consuming, or simply unwanted far-reaching changes are reset again with just a few clicks without data or functional loss of the online shop. All of this saves valuable time and money on the first implementation as well as the necessary regular maintenance!

Magento 2 belongs to the future

With all enhancements, Magento 2 remains a professional system in its new iteration, whose easy-to-use operation is fun when professional developers accompany the initial installation and carry out clean development work to your specifications. Then Magento 2 unfolds its full flexibility.

Magento 2 takes the right step into the future with all the features that have made Magento 1 the world market leader in online shop systems. It’s safer, faster and more flexible, for developers and agencies, as well as for you as operator and user.

The new Magento online shop also offers customers a clear plus in terms of convenience and benefits. This means cost optimization and higher sales potential. Magento 2 is not the mighty storm, but a meaningful and thoughtful development that turns the right screws.

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