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Choosing WordPress Over Other CMS Platforms

What is WordPress?

Surely you already know what a CMS is. There are a lot of them and every designer chooses his own content management system for himself. This may be Mambo, Drupal, Joomla, Bitrix, and many others. WordPress, judging by user surveys on the Internet, is on the “arms” of almost 50% of webmasters – the figure is impressive.

Why does everybody like this CMS?

Using WordPress, you can quickly create your own website even if you absolutely do not know how to create web pages. Although, it is always better to contact web development companies for your web projects.

CMS WordPress has just a huge set of ready-made templates – these are the options for the future site, which, with a little knowledge of PHP, can be radically changed to fit your needs. And without programming knowledge, you can manage categories, create new pages and notes, insert pictures, tables, videos, etc. into them, add or remove widgets.

If you own the basics of HTML and CSS, PHP and MySQL, then you can achieve great flexibility in the design and functionality of the site. WordPress allows you to do everything on a professional level, conveniently and intelligently organize all the necessary functionality. This system is can be better used by professional web designers and programmers.

WordPress historical data

The first version of WordPress was created in 2003. Matthew Mullenweg, a programmer from Houston, Texas, wrote it as a branch of a completely different project. At first, WordPress was focused on creating personal blogs.

The further development of the system made it possible to gradually increase its functionality and at the moment, almost any site can be designed for WordPress – a blog, a catalog, and an online store. All the version of this CMS at the time are free and to create a website, you will need to spend only on the domain name and the purchase of space for the site (hosting). Everything else – plugins, themes, scripts, and other software can be downloaded for free from the official WordPress website. Although, you will have to pay for the premium packages of some of these tools.

CMS WordPress Features

So, now we know that WordPress is a completely free system, it is distributed freely, written in PHP, uses MySQL and CSS. CSS allows you to instantly change the appearance of the site, and do not need to do this separately for each page – all changes apply to the entire site as a whole. Tens of thousands of themes will help you decide on the design of the site, and the installation of the themes is the simplest, as well as the plug-ins – just upload a new theme to the server – and WordPress will unpack it, install and launch it without having forgotten to display the appearance of your website. A set of widgets and available scripts and will improve the functionality your site and it is a sin not to take advantage of this. Admin panel is arranged on an intuitive level. You only have to mouse-drag the ready-made set of widgets to the place where you want to see it to install a new widget. Do not forget to contact web development companies for the optimization of your web projects.

Advantages of WordPress over other CMS

Simply put, WordPress is the most simple and convenient platform for a blog or other project where you can publish any articles, photos, news, videos, and other information. Here are five advantages that WordPress offers:

Free use of the system. For a novice webmaster who intends to create a website or another web project, this is an important point and a great advantage. It makes no sense to pay for other CMS if all the best is offered to you for free.

Simple installation and use of the system. To install WordPress, it will take no more than 5 minutes, and it is not necessary to be a programmer, to understand HTML or PHP codes and other technical intricacies. The developers from top software companies made the system simple and user.

Cross-platform building system. WordPress can be installed and used on the site, and there is nothing else to install on the computer. That is, you can manage the site from any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone on any operating system. The only thing you need to do is connect to the Internet.

Built-in visual and text (HTML) editor. The editor has an intuitive interface, so using it is very simple from the first acquaintance. Here you can do anything with text and pictures, format, insert links, videos, images and sound files. All these operations are simple and are done with one or two clicks.

The popularity of WordPress around the world. Today WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. The share of WordPress in the market among competitors is more than 55%. If we talk about numbers – then there are 60 million sites that are built on WordPress. 350 million people view the 3 billion pages created on WordPress each month.

Developers from all over the world have created more than 30,000 plugins. These numbers only mean that you can literally find everything on the Internet for this CMS – free themes, templates and plugins. Do not forget that you still have to contact web development companies for the optimization of your web projects.


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